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Welcome to our website!

My name is Svetlana Dukes,
I am a Russian woman who had the greatest experience meeting my husband on the Internet two years ago.
Over the last ten years, on-line dating sites havebrought many people from all over the world together.
Through this web site, I want to share this greatopportunity with all men and woman throughout the world.

There are thousands of Russian ladies looking to share their hearts and souls with good, kind, sincere, loving and family oriented men from all over the world.

My web site agency is not like any found on theInternet. We require every woman to meet with us at our offices and complete an application form.
She is then instructed how we keep their data active on the database.
We keep in touch with them by telephone or via their own TwoHearts Online e-mail box, which we provide.

All women are require check their e-mails frequently, and respond to our status update notices. If they do not respond within a short time, the system will remove them from the site database. This will keep our database current with women who are still available–and who are serious about their adventures.

All women at Two Hearts Online are educated and have some English language training. Many speak English fluently.

Two Hearts Online will be a full service agency in the coming months, and will offerthe following services:

–Guided Tours to Russia so you can meet the women featured on the website.

–Hosted Speed Dating events during the tours, so you will have an opportunity to meet hundreds of women in just a few short days.

–Low cost or free phone calls to and from Russia, so you can speak to any of the women here on Two Hearts Online without having a large telephone bill.

–Flower and gift services for personal delivery toyour the Russian women of your choice.

–24/7 translation services to help you speak to orwrite to your date (no other agency will offer suchservices).

I hope you enjoy this website, and please feel free to offer any suggestions or comments you think will improve our web site.

Svetlana Dukes

News and Announcements

Aug/07/2005Photo Session
Two Hearts Online will be offering free photo session to all the Russian ladies with memership singups. We will be hosting photo sessions on Saturday and Sunday Only.

Aug/07/2005Reaching Out To All Russina Ladies in the city of Kostroma, Russia
Two Hearts has been actively promoting to get more Russian Ladies to become members. We are currently working six days week in our Kostroma office taking in signups and doing photo shoots for all our Beautiful Russian Ladies. We Will be adding 30 more beautiful Russia Ladies his month

Aug/07/2005Two Heartsonline New look
Hello all current members we have uploaded a new look to our site, to add more options and to better your experiences on our site. We want to thank you for all your support the past two years as Two Hearts Members.

Aug/07/2005Lowest Membership On The web
Become a member of Two Hearts Online Dating Agency for as low as

$19.99 FOR 3 MONTHS.

29.99 FOR 6 MONTHS

49.99 FOR 12 MONTHS

We offer the lowest Memebership on the web
This will give you full access to the website and all access to as many girls as you like.
Chating with all girls online.

Private Emails.

Send Email to Unlimited Profiles.
Send ECards to any Girls in our datbase.
Just click on the Register tab on the main page, and start your search for the special lady.

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Russian Federation

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Russian Federation

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Russian Federation

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Russian Federation

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Russian Federation

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Russian Federation
Most Popular Men

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United States

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Helen Female 30 1741
Olga Female 43 1363
Marina Female 27 1231
Tatyana Female 24 1201
Oksana Female 31 1150
Julia Female 33 1057
Jim Male 47 994
Ludmila Female 31 952
Pavel Male 34 871
John Male 40 805

Last 10 registered users with photo [Female]

Username Age Registration date Photo
Ëþáîâü 34 Dec/17/2006 12:53:48 Yes
Svetlana 31 Apr/17/2006 06:30:37 Yes
Elena 38 Apr/07/2006 04:23:54 Yes
Olga 55 Dec/28/2005 07:50:46 Yes
Valentina 54 Jul/18/2005 04:54:48 Yes
Olga 36 Jun/14/2005 03:46:00 Yes
Julia 33 Dec/20/2004 07:13:19 Yes
Ludmila 31 Oct/26/2004 07:35:27 Yes
Tatyana 24 Oct/01/2004 07:02:17 Yes
Oksana 31 Sep/19/2004 08:23:55 Yes
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Last 10 registered users with photo [Male]

Username Age Registration date Photo
Pashinka 48 Dec/05/2006 17:38:12 Yes
Joe 46 Aug/24/2006 10:50:17 Yes
sweet_charm01 29 Aug/24/2006 10:13:56 Yes
edward 60 Jul/13/2006 06:32:25 Yes
sylvester 52 Jun/19/2006 15:19:27 Yes
Mat 30 Jun/12/2006 03:14:43 Yes
cary 44 May/09/2006 16:19:01 Yes
Richard 51 Apr/05/2006 23:32:07 Yes
ju 34 Mar/07/2006 13:46:22 Yes
zhang 24 Feb/25/2006 13:55:35 Yes
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